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恒中道路安全学会是个可以让学生们了解更多关于道路和安全措施的知识。 这些知识都无法在课本上学习的。 每一次的活动, 老师及同学们都愿意分享这门知识和自己在道路上所经历过的事。本学会也会教导交通工具和标牌的功用和意思。 希望可以增加学生们在道路上的知识。

Heng Ee Road Safety Club aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of students on road safety. This knowledge cannot be learnt from textbooks. During every activity, teacher and students share their knowledge on the road safety to the members. The experience gained from our activities help us to educate younger generations on road safety. The proper use of vehicles and obeying the road signs are among the most highlighted aspects of our club. By implementing all the planned activities, we have helped our members to be more attentive and considerate when they are on the road.